Qualibrain Vegetarian Softgel 200mg DHA 60's

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Quick Overview

QualiBrain is a Premium Omega-3 DHA Algal Oil supplement for pregnant and nursing women. Their natural DHA oil has the strongest science in pregnancy & nursing women as well as early stage of life. QualiBrain® is leading in quality for pre & post-natal DHA supplement for freshness (non-fishy), natural (all-natural) and purity.

The producer of DHA omega-3 in the food chain is microalgae. QualiBrain® DHA derived straight from clean microalgae grown in a strict axenic condition is the purest natural DHA oil.

DHA is the most abundant omega-3 in human body. Brain and eye studies show DHA supplementation supports 97 % of total omega-3 in human brain and 93% of the omega-3 in the eye.

QualiBrain A mother’s Gift For Life fulfils increased omega-3 DHA needs during pregnancy & nursing for precious transfer to life itself. That is why pregnancy & nursing is such an important time for DHA.

During pregnancy, DHA must be deposited in appreciable amounts in the fetal brain, central nervous system and membrane rich tissues. After birth, DHA is rechanneled to breast milk for transfer to the breast-fed infants.

QualiBrain Algae Oil Algae Softgel is 100% plant based.