Pregnancy / Postpartum

  1. Coresence Tea Tree Antibacterial Hand Gel (hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol) 25ml



    Hand Sanitizer with alcohol. Pocket size; easy to carry A portable protective gel containing natural tea tree oil with a smooth texture that is easy to apply and can achieve the effect of hand cleansing.

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  2. Koral Toothpaste 75g

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    Helps prevent plaque, gingivitis cavities & gum disease Anti-plaque Whitens teeth while fighting germs Long-lasting freshness & clean mouth feel Protects against cavtities & bad breath

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  3. Medif Natural Toothpaste 130g


    Recommended for people: - With gum weakness, teeth after birth and sensitive teeth - Who do not feel refreshed after brushing - With gum swollen and bloody - With sensitive teeth when eating something cold or hot - With bad breath due to coffee, tobacco, etc - With frequent dental visits before and after dentures, implant - A child with frequent cavities due to sweets - Pregnant women

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  4. Nature’s Care Paw Paw Balm 30g


    Moisturise, Soothes and Relieves Dry Skin. With Papaya Seed Oil & Vitamin E in a precious base of natural emollients. No Petrochemicals

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  5. No Rinse Shampoo 8oz


    •Ready To use

    •Completely cleans hair without water

    •Absolutely no rinsing is required

    •Just apply, massage into hair, towel dry, and style

    •Hospital tested and approved

    •No alcohol means no dryness

    •The ingredients in No Rinse Shampoo produce a cleansing action that leaves hair fresh, clean and odor free

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  6. PURE Papaya Skin Food 25g


    For dry, cracked or irritated skin and lips; Soothe nappy rash and cradle cap; Moisten and soften irritated nipples (safe for breastfeeding); Post care after laser therapy treatment; Promote skin elasticity.

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  7. Qualibrain Vegetarian Softgel 200mg DHA 60's


    QualiBrain is a Premium Omega-3 DHA Algal Oil supplement for pregnant and nursing women. Their natural DHA oil has the strongest science in pregnancy & nursing women as well as early stage of life. QualiBrain® is leading in quality for pre & post-natal DHA supplement for freshness (non-fishy), natural (all-natural) and purity. The producer of DHA omega-3 in the food chain is microalgae. QualiBrain® DHA derived straight from clean microalgae grown in a strict axenic condition is the purest natural DHA oil.

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