Coresence Tea Tree Antibacterial Hand Gel (hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol) 25ml

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Quick Overview

Hand Sanitizer with alcohol.

Pocket size; easy to carry

A portable protective gel containing natural tea tree oil with a smooth texture that is easy to apply and can achieve the effect of hand cleansing.

Usage: For hand cleaning

Directions For Use: May be reused according to individual needs. Squeeze an appropriate amount onto each palm. Antibacterial cleaning effect can be achieved by evenly massaging hands gently.

Main Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Lonicera japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract

- Tea tree essential oil has strong germ-fighting antibacterial properties. It is commonly used as a natural remedy to resist infections of bacteria, microbacteria and viruses.
- Research has shown that alcohol is effective for antimicrobial function.
- CYMEN-5-OL is a preservative used to prevent growth of a variety of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and some viruses. An odorless phenolic synthetic substance with partial astringency property, good biocide ability and reacts readily with oxidising agents.