Rayblelon PDRN Multi Peptide Ampoule 2ml x 14ea + MST Roller (U.P. $199)

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Quick Overview

Special Ingredient: PDRN (PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide)

The piece of DNA(PDRN) which is extracted and set from sperm of salmon is significantly effect on inflammation relieve and regeneration of tissue such as skin, ligament, and tendon. It is extracted only 5-10ml per one salmon and it is widely used as medical ingredients.

Recovering wounds and improving skin

It helps to clean up the face quickly recover scars and wounds. It also helps to improve the skin problems such as heat sensation and general troubles.

Contains 1000ppm of PDRN (Salmon extracts). PDRN ampoule that fills the skin with full of moisture.

MST Roller (540pcs of microneedles allow the ampoules to absorb deep inside the skin more effectively)