Lip & Oral Care

  1. Silver Care Kids Gel Bubble Gum 50ml


    Helps protect teeth against cavities

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  2. Silver Care Kids Brush Soft (2-6 years)


    Toothbrush for 2 to 6 years.

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  3. Sebamed Baby Lip Balm 4.8g



    Consolidates the resistance of babies delicate lips.

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  4. PURE Papayacare Ointment 25g (Twin Pack) Promotion



    U.P.$31.00. Subject to stock availability.

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  5. PURE Papayacare Ointment 25g


    For dry, cracked or irritated skin and lips; Soothe nappy rash and cradle cap; Moisten and soften irritated nipples (safe for breastfeeding); Post care after laser therapy treatment; Promote skin elasticity.

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  6. Oral 7 Tiny Teeth (Apple Flavour)


    From 3 months, no fluoride, safe if swallowed.

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  7. Oral 7 Kids Toothpaste (Tutti Fruitti Flavour + Toothbrush)


    New Gentle, Enzymatic Toothpaste for Your Kids

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