ONANO Antimicrobial with silver ions are used in hospitals and medical equipment to kill germs and virus non-invasively and is completely safe for children and older people. ONANO only eliminates microrganisms with single-cell. Not harmful to humans with multiple cells. Start to using our products today to reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infections by helping to protect against a wide range of germs that may cause disease.
  1. ONANOros Antimicrobial Wound Spray 60ml


    Wound Cleansing Moist Dressings Microbial Barrier Germs Elimination

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  2. ONANOros Hygiene Antibacterial Spray 60ml (Hand Sanitiser) available 7 Feb 2020


    Sanitizer HFMD (Hand Foot & Mouth Disease) Sunburn protection & moisturising Feminine intimate hygiene wash Gentle wash & itchiness relief Pile hygiene wash (external haemorrhoid hygiene)

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