Bimbosan Organic 7 Grain Cereal (from 6 months of age) 300g x 6 tins (subject to availability)

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For babies who have large appetite day&night and not sleeping throughout the night.

For babies with a big appetite in the morning and who want to sleep through the night – without any kind of sugar! Bio-7 is a unique, all-natural bottle supplement and pap based on seven selected grain varieties. All of these grains (rice, millet, spelt, oats, rye, barley and corn) are of the highest quality. They are organically farmed and processed in compliance with the strictest organic "Bud" rules. Bio-7does not contain any granulated sugar and is suitable for bottles and paps once your child is five months of age and no longer fills up just on milk. Bio-7 is a very balanced product that contains neither cocoa nor wheat. Just like all Bimbosan bottle supplements and paps, Bio-7 can also be combined with type A infant starter formula, breast milk or cow's milk (after a minimum of 12 months).