Alegria (Black) Toothpaste 70g

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Quick Overview

Alegria Toothpaste is a high functional toothpaste which contains pure-silver of 99% and bio element. it prevents dental periodontal diseases, gingival diseases and dental calculus so that it keeps your teeth always healthy and clean, causing fresh feelings always.

All Care Alegria toothpaste can be recommended for people who(se):
√ Teeth become so sensitive when you eat anything cold.
√ Gums are swollen or bloody.
√ Have bad breath due to plaque.
√ Teeth turn yellow due to smoking, instant food, or coffee.
√ Do not feel fresh after brushing due to orthodontics.
√ Often visit to the dentist before or after dentures or implant.
√ Children often have cavity due to sweets.
√ Children swallow toothpaste or do not like brushing.
√ Have weak gums and teeth while pregnancy, or before or after childbirth.